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Music camps are important opportunities to learn a large amount of songs in a short time, more intensively than regular rehearsals allow. It is an essential element for choirs in their preparation for the new musical season.



The summer musical camp is a week for the PCLs and another for the VBs in vacation camp, around the middle of August, in which each chorister participates every year after their first full year in the of the preparatory choir. The mornings are devoted to choral rehearsals in sub-groups. The afternoons are furnished with the activities that are usually found in a summer camp and are offered by qualified animators: aquatic activities, hebertism, ecology...

At the end of the day, plenary rehearsal, games and campfires are part of the program.



The fall musical camp is a weekend reserved for PCL and VB preparatory choirs during which new choristers will learn several songs that they will present to their parents at the end of the camp on Sunday afternoon.

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